Little Caesars Introduces Spinning Sign Outreach Program For Homeless

Detroit, MI–In a new altruistic initiative, Little Caesars Pizza has introduced the Spinning Sign Outreach Program to help the homeless. The program, designed to help panhandlers attract more revenue, teaches students the fundamentals and advanced techniques of sign holding, spinning, and dancing.

Ted Scott, Little Caesars head of public relations, said, “We help the homeless elevate boring and predictable street corner sign holding to eye dazzling entertainment guaranteed to improve cash flow.”

Little Caesars has found great success with their pioneering efforts in the art of sign holding. Since its inception years ago, the pizza chain has improved yearly profits on average by 25%. And by teaching the homeless popular methods like “The Row Master,” “The Kareem Abdul-Jabbar,” and “The Baton Twirler,” Scott explains that graduates from the program have already seen similar results.

Johnny Sandwich, a recent graduate says he’s earning $20 more a day before he entered the program. “And I’m in the best shape of my life!” declared Sandwich.

Scott emphasized, “My favorite thing about our program is that it not only focuses on the fundamentals, it encourages students to just have fun with it–to be true to themselves. Letting their own personalities shine through is what really moves onlookers into emptying their pockets . . . and buying pizza.”

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