Historians Debunk Will Smith 25-Year Claim To Monarchy In Bel-Air

Durham, NC–Stating that the claims were “bogus” and based on “forgery, lies, and corruption,” officials have formally debunked Will Smith’s now 25-year long claim to monarch rule in Bel-Air, California.

Historians from Duke University cited that Smith’s claims were first popularized by the documentary show, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. In an official report they stated, “Throughout history, claims to nobility have been commonly legitimized through a continuous bloodline or by marriage. On the other hand, Mr. Smith convinced a generation that for incoherent reasons he was entitled to a non-existing throne in a neighborhood within the democratically represented city of Los Angeles.”

The 212 page report continued, “Although record keeping in the early 1990’s was sparse, there is no evidence to suggest that riding in taxi cab with novelty dice hung from the rear view mirror and the word ‘Fresh’ engraven upon the vehicle’s license plate entitle an individual to anything–other than maybe an above average gratuity.”

In response to this damning news the basic cable and satellite television channel, TV Land, has dropped its syndication of the said show.

Even with these new revelations, historians are still bewildered on how exactly the Banks family could afford a butler. “It doesn’t even make sense why they’d have one. They were wealthy, but not like wealthy-wealthy.”

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