Feminist Group Demands Pep Boys Change “Misogynist” Name

Philadelphia, PA–Calling their name “sexist” and “inexcusable” the Feminist Group, All Are Equal, made recent demands to Pep Boys, the tire and automotive service chain, to update their name and logo to be “void of prejudice.”

Chairman of All Are Equal, Barbra Heines, stated in a press release, “The tyrannical days of this boy’s club have no place in society today. The shameful gender-exclusivity of Manny, Moe, and Jack is an inaccurate representation of their customer base and of society as a whole. Fifty-one percent of all drivers are female. Why does Pep Boys continue to neglect to represent this fact?”

In response, Pep Boys released an official statement saying, “Pep Boys has a long and proud history of serving both men and women. We believe women belong in any autoparts store or kitchen of their choice. We also believe women are free to ride in any automobile–so long as a man is driving.”

At press time All Are Equal was drafting plans calling on Kentucky Fried Chicken to alter their world-famous logo to represent a more gender-neutral Colonel Sanders.

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